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We have sourced and found the clean, safe, non-toxic play sand that is safe for you and your family!

Use our Sand Calculator to find out the amount of sand you will need for your sand box/sand pit.

Remember to leave a gap of about 5-8cm to keep the sand in when playing.

Our Sand Calculator

About Sandtastik® Sand Products

For over 25 years Sandtastik Products has continued their commitment to manufacturing the most creative, safe, amazingly colorful quality products for Schools, Therapy Offices, Hospitals, Retail Stores, Backyards and Much More! Sandtastik ensure that all the Sandtastik® sand products, are safe for use by people of all ages all around the world and compliant with CPSIA standards. All the Sandtastik® sand products are submitted to the prestigious toxicology testing labs at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, NC. The results of these tests are then forwarded to the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) for mandatory industry certification.

All Sandtastik® sand products are produced from the feldspar rock and crushed to the size specifications. You may notice tiny black flecks in the sand which cannot be removed or colored. They are part of the rock formation and are non-organic. These dark grains are veins that run through the rock as a natural feature.

Sandtastik has had the sand tested by a CPSC-accredited lab and results show that there are no organic materials or insects in the sand.

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